About the Author

Charles B. Smith

1983 in Ishpeming, MI, to Charles and Mary Smith. First of two children (sister, Amber, b. 1986)

Height (some people wonder about such things): 6'5"

Weight (again, some wonder): 220 lb.

Married?: Yup

Pets: Two cats, Angel and Devil

High School: Westwood High School, in Ishpeming, MI. Class of 2002.

College: Northern Michigan University, in Marquette, MI. Graduated winter semester 2005.

Interests: Life, things, whatnot.

What He did Prior to Writing 1914: What's life without a little mystery?

Where he calls home: Negaunee, MI, in the Upper Peninsula. The photo above was taken less than a hundred yards from his front door.

Here is a small selection of photos from the author's life. Note: He loves his cats. His wife's okay, too.